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At Henma Express, we are not only a national and international freight and parcel transportation company, we are your ally on the path to success. We were born from the urgent need to promote the sustainable and economic development of Guatemala, and since then, we have become a powerful tool for the growth of companies, businesses and individuals.

That makes us different? At Henma Express, we don’t just deliver packages, we deliver trust. We break with the traditional parcel and parcel paradigms, and we do so with a clear purpose: to secure and guarantee the receipt of your shipments quickly, safely and reliably.

When you choose Henma Express, you are choosing the promise of success. We are the partner that gives you the peace of mind and efficiency you need to grow and prosper in a constantly evolving business world.

Beyond the Limits

Our vision

At HENMA EXPRESS, our vision is simple but ambitious: we want to be the undisputed leader in our customers’ preference, both nationally and internationally. We are in a constant search for excellence, expanding our coverage of parcel and parcel services to reach every corner of our country and beyond our borders.

Our commitment is to become the fastest and most solidly growing company at a national, regional and even global level. But our mission goes beyond mere expansion. We strive in every delivery, in every interaction, for the well-being and complete satisfaction of our valued customers and the general public. Your trust in us is what drives us to push the limits, every day and with every shipment.

Innovation in shipping

Our mission

At HENMA EXPRESS, we consider ourselves to be much more than a transportation company. Our mission is to be an essential component in the lives of our clients, providing them with innovative and unique services when it comes to sending and receiving packages and parcels.

We strive to be the catalyst that propels our clients towards realizing their aspirations. We are here to simplify your lives, providing solutions that are efficient, reliable and, above all, differentiated. At HENMA EXPRESS, we believe that your success is our success, and we are committed to taking you closer to your goals.

That makes us different?

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